P14   Wallace Rapid Plastimeter

Wallace Rapid Plastimeter

The P14 Wallace Rapid Plastimeter measures the plasticity or viscosity of unvulcanised rubbers. The instrument is used in conjunction with the O14 Wallace Ageing Chamber to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

產品規範: BS 903: Pt A59、ISO 2007、ASTM D3194、GB/T3517-2014、GB/T3510-2006、ISO2930 1995

Model P14/1+O14 P14/2+O14
Name Wallace Rapid Plastimeter
and Ageing Chamber
Wallace Rapid Plastimeter and Ageing Chamber
P14 Rapid Plastimeter
Conformance  Pt A59,ISO 2007,ASTM D3194,GB/T3517-2014、GB/T3510-2006
Dimensions 300mm (W) x 360mm (D) x 420mm (H)
Weight 20kg
Upper platen size Dia.: 10.00±0.02mm
7.30±0.02mm,14.00±0.02mm dia. accessories
Lower platen size 16.00±0.02mm
Platen temp. 100±0.5°C
Test time 15 secs conditioning,15 secs load;0.2s timing accuracy
Specimen thickness measuring device Accurate to 0.01mm
Compression force Pre-load >300N, load 100±1N
Plasticity resolution  <0.1 plasticity units
Power 220 VAC 50 Hz
Specimen Cutter - P1/4
Dimensions 80mm (W) x335mm (D) x 260mm (H)
Weight 4.0kg
Sample size Cylinder shape,  dia. 13mm,  thickness 3mm,  volume:0.4cm^3 
O14 Ageing Oven
Conformance BS903 Pt A59 Section 59.2 1997. ISO2930 1995
Dimensions 2700mm (W) x 490mm (D) x 230mm (H)
Weight 17kg
Max power Max. 320 watts
Operating temp. 140℃±0.2℃
Temp. accuracy 0.1℃
Temp. recovery 2 minutes at 140℃ after sample insertion
Number of samples per O14 48
Power 220 VAC 50 Hz
Printer Excluded Included

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