H12   Irhd Micro Hardness Tester

Irhd Micro Hardness Tester

The Wallace H12 is a digital bench-mounted hardness tester that measures in IRHD the hardness of most rubber
samples. In particular it has been designed to accurately test thin sections and small test pieces such as O-rings.

產品規範: ISO 48

Resolution <0.1
Indenter shape Sphere
Indenter diameter 0.395mm
Force method Weight
Foot force 235mN
Primary indenter force 8.3mN
Secondary force 145mN
Force duration 5+30 seconds
Minimum sample thickness 1.5mm
Dimensions(W×D×H) 214mm×255mm×300mm
Weight 7.5KG

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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