H14/2   Irhd Dead Load Hardness Tester

Irhd Dead Load Hardness Tester

The Wallace H14 is a digital, bench-mounted hardness tester designed for measuring in IRHD the hardness of standard rubber samples. The robust, ‘C’ frame design allows the operator easy access from front and sides to safely load and remove samples.

產品規範: ISO 48

Resolution 0.1
Indenter shape Sphere
Indenter diameter 2.5mm
Force method Weight
Foot force 8.3N
Primary indenter force 0.3N
Secondary force 5.4N
Force duration 5+30 seconds
Minimum sample thickness 8mm
Dimensions(W×D×H) 214mm×255mm×300mm
Weight 7.5KG

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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