GT-7070-S2   Oscillating die rheometer

Oscillating die rheometer

In the rubber production management, indirect production control/pre-production control is very important. Therefore, Moving Die Rheometer and Foam Force Rheometer become the main equipment for the foundations of the basic research, quality management, specimen control and development in rubber industry.
GT-7070S2 Oscillating Die Rheometer is the most appropriate industrial management instrument for the vulcanized test, by means of compelling oscillation and designed by ASTM-D2084 standard. During testing, take the specified compound rubber and put it onto the lower die. And, the sealed dies (upper & lower dies) actuated by air pressure under the specified temperature oscillate slightly in a small amplitude as well as a constant frequency then the rubber is changed from un-vulcanized to maximum vulcanized condition. During the vulcanization, the dies generate the torque due to the change of rubber's viscosity; at the same time, computer is handling &
calculating this torque to indicate the curve-torque against time, time for Ts1/Ts2 optimum vulcanized time (T90), the lowest viscosity value (ML) of the vulcanization and highest viscosity value (MH) which are used for judgement of the vulcanized and physical characters, specimen experiment and the index for the real production.

產品規範: ASTM-D2084

Oscillation frequency 100cpm.(1.66Hz)
Oscillation amplitude ±0.5° 1° 2° 3°
Temperature range Ambient temperature~200℃
Temperature control PID control
Accuracy ±0.3℃
Torque range ElasticityS',1~200 lb-in

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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