GT-7013-AD   Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester

This tester is designed to determine the bursting strength of paper, corrugated board, cloth, and leather. Equipped with a pressure transducer, the tester will detect and show the maximum bursting value with an breaking alarm after the specimen is broken. Clamp the specimen between upper and lower plates and utilize the hydraulic pressure (media-glycerine) to bulge the
rubber film until the specimen breaks.

產品規範: GB/T 1539、ASTM D3786、ISO 2758、GB/T 454、TAPPI T403、ASTM D3786M-18

Model High pressure  Low pressure
Conformance GB/T 1539 ISO 2758, GB/T 454, TAPPI T403 ASTM D3786, ASTM D3786M-18
Capacity 100 kg/c㎡ 16 kgf/c㎡
Clamping force 0~50 kgf/c㎡( adjustable) 0~25 kgf/c㎡ (adjustable)
Pressing speed 170±15 mL/min 95±5 ml/min
Sensing method Pressure transducers 
Indicator U20
Inner dia. of upper clamp 31.5 mm 30.48 mm 31.5±0.1 mm
Inner dia. of lower clamp 31.5 mm 33.1±0.1 mm 31.5±0.1 mm
Power 1∮,AC220V,50/60Hz,3A (or specify)

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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