GT-7001-GB2   V-Belt Fatigue Tester

V-Belt Fatigue Tester

GT-7001-GB2 is used to determine the fatigue life of V-belt. Test specimen is rotated for 24hr under a specified tension on the tester. The variation of pulley center distance is measured to determine the fatigue life of V-belt.

Control system PLC+HMI
Test station 2
Drive pulley speed 3400 to 3600 rpm
Drive pulley speed deviation ±2%
Tension A type: 290±5N
B type: 390±10N or 780±10N
Datum length of V-belt A type: 890 to 1100 mm
B type: 1370 to 1760 mm
Timer 0 to 99999.99H
Power 3∮, AC 380V, 50Hz (or specify)

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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