GT-7049-M   Stress Relaxation Tester

Stress Relaxation Tester

This apparatus is designed to determine the deformation of a vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber which has been compressed at a constant rate after a specified duration at room temperature.A test piece of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber is compressed to a constant deformation and maintained at a predetermined test temperature. The decrease in counterforce is then measured.

產品規範: ISO 3384

Display device U20 indicator
Capacity 50 kg
Unit Kgf、gf、Ton、lbf、N,、kN(or by buyer's definition)
Load resolution 1/20,000
Load accuracy ±1%
Accuracy of thickness gauge 0.01 mm
Travel distance of compression 25mm
Diameter of compression platen 42mm
Power 1∮ AC 220V 3A (or specify)

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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