DF-8000   Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machine

Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machine

DF-8000 dynamic fatigue testing machine is widely used for determining the durability of materials as metal, plastic, rubber and complex stuff. Utilize the cyclic tensile, compression or flexure strain under specified load, stroke and frequency to evaluate the material's service life cycle. This tester is driven by hydraulic power system. The actuator can be operated with various frequency and amplitude in order to perform tensile and compression fatigue test. DF-8000 dynamic fatigue testing machine is equipped with the high-speed controller and professional program. It is capable of generating waveforms such as sine, square and triangular or the waveform defined by users themselves. User is allowed to set up a test through the professional program with a variety of test method and condition to analyze the physical properties and quality of different materials.

Model DF-8000-5S DF-8000-10 DF-8000-25 DF-8000-50 DF-8000-100 DF-8000-200 DF-8000-500 DF-8000-1K
Capacity (kN) 5 10 25 50 100 200 500 1,000
Stroke (mm) ±25 (optional: ±50, or specify) ±50
Frequency (Hz)  0.01~50;(0.01~100 optional)
Main unit Column dia. (mm) 50 70 100 120 100
Number of column 2 4
Max. vertical daylight(mm) 500 1000
Column clearance (mm) 400 500
Upper crosshead movement Hydraulic lift and clamp
Crosshead stiffness (kN/mm) 600
Actuator Stroke (mm) ±25 ±50
Hydraulic system Flow rate (LPM) 8 20 40 160 200
Pressure (bar) 140 105 190 110 185 210 155 200
Cooling Water(cooling tower prepared by customers)
Servo valve Flow rate (LPM) 12 24 40 160 270
Pressure (bar) 210
Frequency response(±5% signal )(Hz) 350(amplitude ratio-3 dB), 350(phase lag-90°) 200(amplitude ratio-3 dB), 200(phase lag-90°)
Controller Signal processor U65A
Load resolution 16bit
Stroke resolution (mm)
Waveforms Triangle, square, sine or user-defined
Operating environment Temperature ℃ 5 to 40
Relative humidity % 10 to 85 non-condensing
Dimension Hydraulic cabinet (WxDxH) mm 550x350x700 800x1300x1180 1350x1000x810 1300x1100x1400 1600x1200x1600 2500x1750x1800
Electrical cabinet (WxDxH) mm 650x450x880 1125x690x750 1125x690x1025 1125x690x1025
Main unit (WxDxH) mm 650x650x1100 600x654x1900 780x655x2450 800x600x2500 1000x1000x2800 1300x1200x2800
Weight Hydraulic cabinet (kg)(approx.) 100 600 900 1500 2200
Electrical cabinet (kg)(approx.) 50 138 200
Main unit (kg)(approx.) 450 1250 2000 3500
Power 3∮ AC220/380V 2.25KW3HP 7.5KW10HP 15KW20HP 60KW80HP 75KW100HP

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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