GT-7016-AR   Auto-Pneumatic Cutter Press

Auto-Pneumatic Cutter Press

  The Auto-pneumatic Cutter Press is driven by air pressure is suitable for laboratory to make the specimen of rubber,tape and special can be used as a compact presser.

Capacity 3 ton 5 ton
Compressed air (prepared by customer) 5kg/cm2 (minimum)
Thickness of specimen 10mm
Effective space (W×D×H) 30×18×8 cm 40×34×8.5 cm
Plate size (W×D)
18×8 cm
40×34  cm
Dimension (W×D×H) 45×60×80 cm 45×60×80 cm
Weight (approx.) 60 kg 120 kg


*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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