M-3000   Moving Die Rheometer

Moving Die Rheometer

  Vulcanization is the process that modifies the polymer by forming crosslink between individual polymer chains. This is one of the most important processes in manufacturing which improves the physical proprieties to the final rubber product. The rheometer can simultaneously determine the viscosity, elasticity, hysteresis loss and curing rate during the vulcanization process of the rubber compound. Important vulcanization characteristics such as torque, cure rate index and curing time can be measured.

  Unsealed die rheometer is a type of rheometer that is mostly used in the general rubber testing scope which does not use the seal ring so the result will not be affected by the quality of the seal ring.

  Gotech`s M-3000 unsealed die rheometer is the newest improved model that uses the most up-to-date DSP with the new built-in DFT calculation formula. This new technology further isolates the noise to provide superior stability of the test data. With a single touch of a button, you can access the test curve and the test result on the LCD screen on the front panel without the use of computer.

產品規範: ASTM-D5289、GB/T 16584、ISO-6502

Oscillation frequency
100 cpm
Oscillation amplitude
±0.5°, ±1°, ±2° or ±3° (please specify)
Temp. control
PC based software & PID
Temp. range
Ambient temp. to 200℃
Temp. accuracy
Temp. sensor grade
Class A
Temp. resolution
Heating up time
30℃ to 190℃<8 min
Temp. recovery time
Takes less than 60 sec to reach set value after placing specimen and closing die
Temp. overshoot
Less than set value+0.4°C after closing die
Temp. overshoot: Less than or equal to set value + 1.0℃ after closing dies
Torque range Elasticity S`: 1~200 lb-in
Viscosity S": 0.3~200 lb-in
Torque unit
kgf-cm、 lbf-in、N-m、dN-m
Torque resolution
0.001 dN-m
Pressure range
0~1000 kg
Force unit
kgf、lbf、 N、 dN
Force resolution
Test time range
0~99 hours
Pneumatic pressure 3.6 kg/c㎡ (0.36 MPa) prepared by customer
Dimension(W×D×H) 68×80×130cm
Weight (approx.)
220 kg
1∮, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz±3Hz, 10A


*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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