GT-7156-A   Tennis Ball Compression Resistance Tester

Tennis Ball Compression Resistance Tester

  The instrument is designed to perform the compression resistance test of tennis ball. Conducting by the intelligent system, the GT-7156-A defines qualified and unqualified balls. Users can modify specimen specification and parameter through the HMI system. During the test, the machine compress the sample. Meanwhile, it measures the maximum deformation of the ball. At the end, the deformation rate defines qualified and unqualified balls.

產品規範: GB/T 22754

Preliminary Force 3LB
Compression Force of Deformation 18LB
Range of Deformation 0.0~0.4in adjustable
Displacement Accuracy 0.001mm
Test Mode Auto
Test Speed one times/min.
Indentation of Upper Plate R33,Depth 2mm(Compression Point)
Indentation of Lower Plate R33,Depth 2mm(Test Point)
Sensor Optical Sensor
Dimensions (W×D×H) 82×44×135 cm
Power 1∮,AC 220V,50/60Hz (specified by customer)


*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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