GT-7016-AA3   V-Notch Sampling Machine

V-Notch Sampling Machine

  This machine is designed for making a V-shaped notch with specified angle or a rectangular groove meeting specifications by cutting a plastic specimen.

產品規範: ASTM-D256、ASTM-D6110、GB/T 1043、GB/T 1843、ISO-179、ISO-180

Notch shape

V-notch Rectangular cut

Notch dimension

Angle: 45°±1°

Width: 0.8mm, 2mm

Notch tip radius

(R) =0.1mm,0.25mm, and 1.0mm


Length of applicable specimen 50~200mm
Thickness of applicable specimen 4~15mm
Control System HMI+PLC
Sampling 30 specimens can be made each time when thickness is 4mm.
Cutting speed 1400rpm
Dimension(WxDxH) 54x43x64 cm
Power 1∮AC220V 50Hz(Specified by user) 


*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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