GT-7806-2   Conveyer Belt Fatigue Tester

Conveyer Belt Fatigue Tester

  This tester is used to determine the dynamic strength of the cord-to-rubber bond in a steel cord reinforced belt, namely the rubber fatigue testing. It is driven by hydraulic to move the grips upward or downward. The dynamic strength of the cord-to-rubber bond is determined by applying a cyclic load to a specimen for a minimum number of cycles, or till failure of the bond occurs.

Sensor LOAD CELL Load transducer
Capacity 20kN
Force reslution 1/200,000
Force Accuracy ±1%
Cycle 5~10 secretary
Indicator U60
Driving Method Hydraulic
Dimension-main unit (W×D×H) 117×65×186 cm
Power 3∮, AC 380V


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