GT-7005-T   Benchtop Temperature & Humidity Tester

Benchtop Temperature & Humidity Tester

  The temperature and humidity tester, also known as environmental chamber, is commonly used in nearly every industry for simulating the effect of climate to manufactured products or materials.

  -Color touchscreen and user friendly interface.
  -Monitoring real-time temperature and trend graph.
  -Programmable temperature control and working status display.
  -16 segment backlight adjustment.
  -Monitor screen saver.

Model GT-7005-T GT-7005-AT2
Temp. range 20°C~100°C (20°C~150°C optional) -20°C~100°C (-25~+150°C optional)
Humidity range 30~95%RH
Temp. fluctuation ±0.3°C
Temp. accuracy ≤100°C: ±1.0°C
≤150°C: ±1.5°C
≤100°C: ±1.0°C
≤150°C: ±1.5°C
(150°C optional)
Temp. uniformity ≤100°C: 1.0°C
≤150°C: 1.5°C
Temp. display resolution 0.01℃
Humidity display resolution 0.1%RH
Humidity accuracy ±3.0%RH ±2.0%RH
Humidity uniformity 3.0%RH
Heating up time 20°C~100°C within 30min
20°C~150°C within 35min
20°C~100°C within 30min
20°C~150°C within 35min
(150°C optional)
Cooling down time
(ambient temp. below 26°C w/o load)
N/A 20°C~-20°C within 60min   
Interior dimension (W×D×H) 40×40×50 cm 50×40×60 cm
Dimension(W×D×H) 95×90×90 cm 110×95×105 cm
Weight 140kg 200kg
Power 1∮, AC220V 50Hz/60Hz(or specify)

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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