GT-505-CBD   Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

  This analyzer is so designed for the purpose of observing the dispersed situation of the carbon black in a mixing compound rubber.

  The Carbon Black Dispersion Tester, made in Gotech, can determine the dispersibility of the black carbon in rubber swiftly and exactly thanks to the exact optical lens, CCD camera of fine quality, special-purpose video capture card of high resolution and powerful software. Characteristics:Combined with CCD housing and main unit of PC.

產品規範: ISO 11345

Magnification 100 times
Irradiation angle 30°
Specimen port 4.0×3.5mm
Control system PC based software
Dispersion grade Grade 0.1 to 10
Library classification The following carbon black materials can be
analyzed by using the standard library of the
CBT system:
1.Carbon Black (CB)
2.Reinforcing Carbon Black (RCB))
3.Reinforcing Carbon Black (RCB)/Sillca
4.Semi-Reinforcing Carbon Black (SRCB)
Dimension (W×D×H) 20×60×48 cm
Weight (approx.) 23 kg
Power 1∮  AC 220V  2A (or specify)

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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