GT-7079   Luggage Drop Hammer Impact Tester

Luggage Drop Hammer Impact Tester

  This machine, which is designed according to QB/T2918-2007, is applicable to the impact test of various plastic luggages.

產品規範: QB/T 2918-2007

Dart diameter 100±2 mm
Radius of dart head 50±2 mm
Dart release device Pneumatic device
Drop height 700±10 mm
Dart weight 2000±10g, 3000±10g, 4000±10g, 5000±10g
Proof pressure 3~5 kg/cm2(not provided )
Dimensions(approx.)(W×D×H) 88 × 72 × 163 cm
Weight(approx.) 208 kg(Excluding control box)
Power supply 1∮, AC220V 1A (or user-dfined )


*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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