GT-6012   Puncture Tester

Puncture Tester

  This machine is used for determining the puncture resistance of paperboards or corrugated boards.Under the specified test conditions, the specimen fixed in the puncture tester is pierced by the dart connected to the swing arm so as to determine the energy required for puncturing the specimen. The test data can be read directly from the scale according to the selected capacity.

產品規範: GB 2679.7、JIS-P 8134、TAPPI-T803、ISO 3036-1975

Specimen 175×175mm
Punch Head Height 1",Radius 1.5mm
Capacity (A)Scale 0~53.5kg-cm
(B)Scale 0~107kg-cm
(C)Scale 0~214kg-cm
(D)Scale 0~428kg-cm
(E)Scale 0~26.75kg-cm
Pendulum arm in the form of an arc of 90°
Height of regular triangular 25 土 0.7mm
Effective area of two plates 175X175 mm
Clamping force 25~100kgf
Dimension(W×D×H) 86×42×80cm
Weight 140kg


*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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