MACRO IRHD   Hildebrand Durometer Macro Hardness (IRHD) System

Hildebrand Durometer Macro Hardness (IRHD) System

The Hildebrand Durometer Macro Hardness (IRHD) System with the modular design provides hardness readings on elastomers and plastics by using the various inserters (IRHD N, IRHD H, IRHD L or Shore durometer A). The electronic identification eliminates the operator errors and the automatic operation makes the test more accurate.

Specimen thickness ≥6mm
Test category Insert of shore A
Test module identification Automatic 
Resolution 0.1IRHD
Load of insert 8.3N
Preload  0.3N
Second loading 5.4N
Loading time 5+30秒 5+30sec
Controller  PC +  Hildebrand software

Test method IRHD N IRHD L IRHD H
Test material Soft rubbers, elastomers, nature rubber  Foam  Hard plastic
Hardness range  35-85 10-35 85-100
Thickness 8-10mm 10-15mm 8-10mm
Diameter of insert 2.5mm 5mm 1mm

*Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.

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